22 SEPTEMBER 2021 
Because Sister Kathleen is the only remaining Volunteer from the original group, the Trustees asked her to receive the award from the Lord Lieutenant on behalf of all the Volunteers. It was a great honour. The applause when she received the crystal trophy developed into a standing ovation. Each Volunteer received an individual signed certificate and an award badge, white with a silver crown. 
A significant number of Notre Dame Sisters have given voluntary service at ALM. Other religious congregations have also volunteered, for example: FCJ’s, Redemptorists, Salesians and Christian Brothers. People of all religious persuasions and none work together at the Centre to help Asylum Seekers and Refugees. 
Special thanks to everyone  
who has given ALM their support  
over these twenty years. 
It has made it all possible. 
Let’s hope to welcome the Afghans  
very soon. 
This national award, the equivalent of an MBE, was given to the Volunteers of Asylum Link Merseyside for their service since 2001, especially during the Covid Lockdown. It demands the gathering of evidence and is judged by the Lord Lieutenant and his panel, according to strict national criteria. 
The ceremony took place on the evening of Wednesday, 22 September 2021 in Liverpool Town Hall to highlight ALM's involvement with organisations across the city. 
Liverpool Town Hall, given free of charge by the Council, is a very grand place with full length mirrors and chandeliers. It all made for the recognition of Asylum Seekers and Refugees. It was a tribute to people who have been through so much. It is a privilege to be able to help them. 
The 200 guests included ALM Trustees, Staff and Volunteers past and present, MP’s local Mayors and officials from agencies supporting our work. ALM receives no public money and depends on grants and donations, large and small. 
The Award Ceremony was a very joyous occasion: we were all so happy to see each other again. Many people wore their national dress, including Ewan in his kilt. The colours and finery were a celebration in themselves. 
During the Covid Lockdown, 
was forced 
to close its doors 
but the Manager, Ewan Roberts, 
his Staff and Volunteers 
continued to work 
and give help in ingenious ways 
Text -- Sr. Kathleen Ashurst SND 
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