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How Good is the Good God! Words of Marie Rose Julie Billiart, who founded our congregation in 1804  

"We are united by a common vision of the Gospel and a common call from God to follow Jesus according to our heritage in Notre Dame, in Julie's simplicity and joy. We share resources in community and make a communal response to local and world needs, especially as they are voiced by the poor." 
Constitutions 33 
The Pope visits  
home for the elderly Belgium 

             The disease that affects so many people, who  can often end up being pushed to the margins  of society because of their condition.     “Let us pray for those   suffering from Alzheimer's   for their families, and for those who lovingly   care for them"                               SEPTEMBER PRAYER INTENTION    Pope Francis calls on all people of good will   “to mobilize   for the abolition of the death penalty   throughout the world.”                             Into the quiet     God calls you                           THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK 

Autumn shows us  
how beautiful it is 
to let things go 
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