Take a moment to centre yourself and go into the sacred space deep within 
"Be still for the presence of the Lord, the Holy One is here" 
The more difficult the times are the more we must expect everything from the goodness of God.  
He will sustain us in his work. 
In your own time, slowly pray the psalm below. 
I turn to you God in my need. 
You are my creator and protector. 
You provide me with shade from the blazing sun 
and shelter me from raging storms and flood. 
Save me now from the evils of war and revolution. 
Like a snared animal, 
I am surrounded by those who seek my life. 
My Saviour, loosen the snare, save me from my enemies 
and shelter me as an eagle protects its young. 
Your love gives me courage to proclaim your name 
and call on you for aid. 
You hear me and will come to my rescue. 
My God, I trust in your abiding love 
and praise your infinite goodness. 
Adapted from Psalm 90 
The French revolutionaries believed Julie was sheltering priests. Their hatred was so violent that Julie had to leave her home in Cuvilly and move to Gournay. However she was tracked down and the revolutionary mob came determined to kill her. The house porter realised the danger and with help hid Julie in a hay cart which he drove through the mob and all the way to Compiegne. 
Julie was now quite unable to help herself and could not walk or speak. She must have suffered from the jolting of the cart, from the cold, from exhaustion and from terror. Her firm trust in God’s goodness was her strength through this time of persecution.  
Take some time now to ponder this part of Julie’s life and her words. Note what words or phrases stand out for you. Apply Julie’s words to some suffering in your own life.  
What has touched you about this time of prayer ? 
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