Meet our 'Sister Artists'  Sister Anne Strange  




The Chinese say that 3 things are needed for art – heart, eye and hand - all 3 are needed, 2 will not do. 
Well, when I started my art journey, I had never heard this, but looking back I see that, at first, it was all heart. I enjoyed the feel and the flow of the paint, what happened when colours were mixed, how to make a right mess, and most of the work was abstract and often hand-painted- literally! 
Then I went to some classes and began to see (eye) shapes and spaces and relationships and to draw (hand). It was exciting to be able to produce a likeness, to draw a still life that actually had a resemblance to the original. There was still mess and lots of experiments that went in the bin. 


Now I look a lot and try to really see what I am painting before beginning to draw or use paint. At first it feels a bit stilted and then something shifts – call it the heart joining the process, the right brain taking over, the painting having a life of its own, inspiration- call it what you like but it is real and when that happens, that painting is worth keeping. Go on give it a try. Who knows what might happen. 
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