Our Spirituality  

Our spirituality is apostolic in the tradition of St Julie Billiart whose unique experience of prayer and action enabled her to find God’s presence everywhere, and in a special way among the poor. 
We too strive to be women of prayer, who seek in every aspect of our lives to be united with God and to be responsive to the Spirit of Jesus, the Spirit of love. 
We proclaim with our foundress, St Julie Billiart, “How good is the Good God!” The cross we wear summarises this spirituality of confidence in God’s goodness during joyful times as well as difficult ones. 
One side reads, “Ah, qu’il est bon, le Bon Dieu!” (“How good is the Good God!”). On the other side are the letters “ND” (“Notre Dame” — “Our Lady”), reminding us of the role Mary, mother of Jesus, has in our lives. 
“Like Mary whose name we bear, we are called to hear the word of God and keep it. Our attentive listening shapes in us a contemplative and prophetic attitude toward the whole of life and enables us to act in ways which witness to God’s love and justice.” 
(Constitutions of the Sisters of Notre Dame) 

 Gospel Reflections 

18 March 2018 
Fifth Sunday of Lent 
Sunday Gospel Reflection 
by Sister Maureen Lomax 
Unless a grain of wheat 
falls on the ground and dies 
it remains only a single grain; 
but if it dies 
it yields a rich harvest. 
Anyone who loves his life loses it; 
anyone who hates his life in this world 
will keep it for the eternal life. 
Fifth Sunday of Lent 
If you would like the Sisters to join you in prayer we would be happy to receive your intentions