A Book I enjoyed. 
This is a Wallander Thriller entitled “An Event In Autumn” by Henning Mankell. Many will be familiar with the T.V programmes entitled “ Wallander”. After reading “QuickSands” by Mankell which is his reflection on his own life after he knew he had an incurable illness I realised that his writing is full of insight, creativity and humour. When I came to read “An Event in Autumn” I experienced the same joy and enthusiasm. I hope you will agree if you read it. 
Sister Mary Cluderay 
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Gustave Flaubert 
John O'Donohue in conversation with John Quinn 
This is a collection of radio conversations and material from John O'Donohue's works. It is beautifully written, and rich in deep insights. A book which is certainly 'a must' for lovers of 'Anam Cara' and other writings of John O'Donohue. 
Sister Tess Rynn 


The Innocents of Aleppo 
War-torn cities lie in ruins 
Children gather in frightened groups 
Bombs whistle and drones find targets 
Blasting to pieces the dreams of peace 
Pictures of tragedy fill the screens 
From the newsreels of grief 
And the disasters of war 
Cold and afraid in the snow-laden streets 
Small children whimper, their eyes deep pools of fear 
Young lives know no other existence 
Than this daily hell of destruction and grief 
War fought by adults, gaining inches of land 
While children hide in shadows 
Clinging hand in hand 
To another day 
Margaret Rose Bradley SND 
The Ice Queen and the Winter Spirit 
Encase the earth in their thrall; 
Waters still, and leaves hang limp 
Their earlier sap absorbed by the chill. 
In charge of the earth in the coldest of blasts 
The two rulers move in an icy sheen 
Freezing the land from its autumn glory 
Into their kingdom of stillness and power. 
Animals small hide in the trees, clutching the branches 
As they scamper along. 
While hidden in the warmth of the depths of earth 
Other creatures rest from their frenzied harvest foraging 
Keeping stores of nourishment for the winter cold. 
In powerful harmony the Winter Spirit and the Ice Queen 
Cover the land with their icy chill 
Adding beauty as they travel - a spider's web, 
Frozen in its lacy pattern; twisted solitary leaves 
Beautified by their frozen touch, and rippled patterns 
Encased in the frozen ponds and small pools. 
This silent majestic beauty of Winter created by Winter Spirits 
Shows a world of hidden beauties, captured in cold icy days; 
As days lengthen and the winter sun grows less cold, 
Winter Spirits now slowly fade, their task complete. 
Margaret Rose Bradley SND